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E-Puck 2

 e-puck 2 Specifications

The e-puck2 robot maintains full compatibility with its predecessor e-puck (e-puck HWRev 1.3 is considered in the following table):

Feature e-puck 1.3 e-puck 2 Compatibility Additional
Size, weight 70 mm diameter, 55 mm height, 150 g Same form factor: 70 mm diameter, 45 mm, 130 g No e-jumper required
Battery, autonomy LiIPo rechargeable battery (external charger), 1800 mAh. 
About 3 hours autonomy. Recharging time about 2-3h.
Same battery; USB charging, recharging time about 2.5h. USB charging
Processor 16-bit dsPIC30F6014A @ 60MHz (15 MIPS), DSP core for signal processing 32-bit STM32F407 @ 168 MHz (210 DMIPS), DSP and FPU, DMA ~10 times faster
Memory RAM: 8 KB; Flash: 144 KB RAM: 192 KB; Flash: 1024 KB RAM: 24x more capable
Flash:~7x more capable
Motors 2 stepper motors with a 50:1 reduction gear; 20 steps per revolution; about 0.13 mm resolution Same motors  
Wheels Wheels diamater = 41 mm 
Distance between wheels = 53 mm
Same wheels  
Speed Max: 1000 steps/s (about 12.9 cm/s) Max: 1200 steps/s (about 15.4 cm/s) 20% faster
Mechanical structure Transparent plastic body supporting PCBs, battery and motors Same mechanics  
Distance sensor 8 infra-red sensors measuring ambient light and proximity of objects up to 6 cm Same infra-red sensors 
Front real distance sensor, Time of fight (ToF), up to 2 meter.
ToF sensor
IMU 3D accelerometer and 3D gyro 3D accelerometer, 3D gyro, 3D magnetometer 3D magnetometer
Camera VGA color camera; typical use: 52×39 or 480×1 Same camera; typical use: 160×120 Bigger images handling
Audio 3 omni-directional microphones for sound localization
speaker capable of playing WAV or tone sounds
4 omni-directional microhpones (digital) for sound localization
speaker capable of playing WAV or tone sounds
+1 front microphone
LEDs 8 red LEDs around the robot, green body light, 1 strong red LED in front 4 red LEDs and 4 RGB LEDs around the robot, green light, 1 strong red LED in front 4x RGB LEDs
Communication RS232 and Bluetooth 2.0 for connection and programming USB Full-speed, Bluetooth 2.0, BLE, WiFi WiFi, BLE
Storage Not available Micro SD slot Micro SD
Remote Control Infra-red receiver for standard remote control commands Same receiver  
Switch / selector 16 position rotating switch Same selector  
Extensions Ground sensors, range and bearing, RGB panel, Gumstix extension, omnivision, your own All extension supported  
Programming Free C compiler and IDE, Webots simulator, external debugger Free C compiler and IDE, Webots simulator, onboard debugger (GDB) Onboard debugger

This is the overall communication schema:

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